I paint mainly with Indian ink and Acrylic on paper or recycled cardboard. My creations speak about love, human relationships, the place of women in the society, motherhood, relationships between man and nature. There is no hierarchy; humans, animals, plants, they all have the same dignity of existence.


Geboren 1971 in Paris (Frankreich), lebt in Basel.

1994, MA Kunstgeschichte Universität Sorbonne Paris,

Förderungen + Preise


2023, Kunstp.Art Gallery, Basel – Switzerland

2023, Zum Schmale Wurf, Basel – Switzerland

2022, Kunstp.Art Gallery, Basel – Switzerland

2017, Art et Vin, Châteaux Lafoux, Tourves - France


2023, Kreative Energie-Weibliche Energie. Kunstforum,, Stallikon - Switzerland

2022, Curated by Hiltscher Consulting, Lost Creek Country Club, Austin - USA

2022, "No words needed" at Gallery Eleven Ten, Basel - Switzerland

2022, Gang 13, curated by Institut Fur, Basel – Switzerland

2022, Galerie Katapult curated by Frontofbicycle, Basel – Switzerland

2022, LORA Cafe. Bahnhof SBB, Basel– Switzerland

2021, Galerie am Lindenhof, Hiltscher Consulting, Zurich – Switzerland

2021, KUNSTp.ART Gallery, Basel – Switzerland

2021, Galerie Katapult curated by Frontofbicycle, Basel – Switzerland

2018, W Hotel, Singapore

2017, Kunstp.Art Gallery, Basel – Switzerland

2016, Kunstp.Art Gallery, Basel – Switzerland

2007, Imagine galerie, Lyon – France

2006, Galerie Lux, Lyon – France

2006, Imagine galerie, Lyon – France

2005, El ´Gah Galerie, Lyon – France

2005, Gajah Gallery, Singapore

2000, Opera Gallery, New York

1999, Dauphin Gallery, Singapore

1999, ArtExpo Art Fair with Dauphin Gallery, New York - USA

1999, ArtExpo Art Fair with Dauphin Gallery, Los Angeles - USA

1997, Dauphin Gallery, Singapore

1997, John Erdos Gallery, Singapore

1997, Que Pasa, Singapore

1997, Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

1997, Marriott Hotel, Singapore

1996, Gajah Gallery, Singapore


Atelier: Schanzenstrasse 13

4051 Basel