The senses, in particular the sense of smell, occupy a main place in my work. It’s used as a tool of transmission, captation and manipulation. Do we smell and see at the same time? Or I see and then I smell? I am interested in producing a space where the viewer discovers a complex relationship between her or his knowledge of art and a more transformative experience that may expand their notion of « experience » of « space » of « interaction ».


Geboren 1989 in Lausanne, lebt in Münchenstein.

2008–2012, Bachelor en arts visuels, ECAL, Lausanne

2014–2016, Master of Fine arts, HGK, Basel

Förderungen + Preise

2012, prix visarte vaud, Lausanne

2015, Tanz mit Bruce#6, stipendium und residenz, Frauenfeld


2014, Deux grands pieds pour une quenouille, Galerie de la Blancherie, Payerne


2012, exposition de Bachelor, ELAC, Lausanne

2013, Sol Lewitt loves pancakes, galerie ZIP, Basel

2015, Irma la douce, Penthouse, Zürich

2015, Manoeuvre, Shedhalle Frauenfeld

2016, Every contact leaves a trace, Kunsthalle Basel

2016, Cantonale Bern, les halles Porrentruy

2017, les jours des éphémères, Solothurn


Genossenschaft Haus OSLO ateliers, Oslostrasse 10

4142 Münchenstein