I am a multidisciplinary artist of Indian origin who engages with Video, Photography, Performance Art, Installations and Sound, among others I explore the construction of identities / identity markers, presence, reality and the status quo. My work stems from the mundane and routine encounters with the surroundings, the social conditions and the situations that I find myself in. My background in Psychiatry and interest post colonial discourse and questioning the status quo, shapes my works.


Geboren 1967 in India, lebt in Basel.

1994–1995, Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India

1993–1994, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, Delhi, India

1992–1992, Central Institute of Pschiatry, Ranchi, India

1991–1992, J N Medical College Hospital, Aligarh, India

1985–1990, Graduation - J N Medical College, Aligarh, India

Förderungen + Preise

2020, Live Art Development Agency-Prohelvetia Research Residency, LADA, London UK

2013, Silver Beaver, National Science Film Festival, India

2007, Special Mention, WHO's 'Images for Health and Disability' Awards, Geneva, Switzerland

2006, 2nd BEst film, International Video Journalism Awards, Berlin, Germany

2002, Noiminated for MITIL Awards, Switzerland

2001, Best film, New Delhi Video Forum's Film Festival, Delhi, India


2021, COMMODI-FICTION (10. Apr to 2. Oct), MUSEUM1, Adligenswil.

2019, Q BAR, Eck-Raum für Kunst, Aarau

2017, Orphaned Time l Verwaiste Zeit, Kunstfenster, Heinrich von Zuegel Haus, Wolkenhof in Murrhardt, Germany


2020, Performance reihe Neu-Oerlikon, Zurich

2020, Must or Not, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel

2020, Visarte Corona Call, Online

2019, Short Visibles II, Wacker Art, Mühltal (D)

2019, Short Visibles II, Pforzheim Galerie, (D)

2019, We are the lion / Der Löwe sind wir, Kunsthalle Luzern

2019, RE:ACT, Voltage, Basel

2019, Food Futures Art, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover (D)

2019, L21 Performances, Löwendenkmal, Luzern

2018, - Regionale 19 ‘Platform blind_spot’, RANK, Basel

2018, Nicht ganz 100, DOCK, Basel

2018, Performance Open-Air, Stadtpark, St. Gallen

2018, PANCH Performance Photography, LISTE Art Fair, Basel

2018, Short Visibles II, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne

2018, Open Stage Open Air, Srinagar Biennale Basel

2017,, eBoard des Congress Centre, Basel

2017, The Nightlight Screenings, Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel

2017, LEGS Basel, Performance Festival, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel

2017, Documenta 14 - Performance at the Parthenon of Books,, Kassel

2016, B#Side war, Zattere Cultural Flow Zone, Venice

2016, Regionale 17 'Border Crossing', FabrikCulture, Hegenheim, France

2016, Oneness, India Habita Centre, Delhi, India

2014, Nachtflimmern, Prjectraum M54, Basel

2012, Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition, Devi Art Foundation, Guragon, India

2007, Platforma Video 07, Athens, Greece

2007, Athens Video Art Festival, Greece

2007, Indo American Art Council Film Festival, New York

2007, Carnival of E-Creativity, Delhi, India

2004, Platforma Video, Athens, Greece

Projekt/Kunst am Bau

2021, COMMODI-FICTION (Apr10. to Oct 2.), MUSEUM1, Adligenswil (Luzern)


Atelier (1st Floor) Mörsbergerstrasse 54

4057 Basel

+41 793687940